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Aceally (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd., our company is a company specializing in the production and sales of steel racks system and after-sales service. We not only have outstanding achievements in the warehouse steel racking industry, but also rank in the top five among our peers. In China’s racks industry, we have advanced production equipment and a complete logistics supply chain. In the whole supply of steel rack system, our company has a large number of orders, which requires us to keep up with the pace of every guest and the needs of guests. In heavy duty production, we have 2 large-scale heavy duty racking factories, each of which has several sets of formed processing molds. From shelf design to rack production, we only need to do it in our own factory, without passing through other companies or asking others for help, thus increasing the cost output. In the whole supply chain of shelf production, we have many advantages over other peers.
In the special period of Sino-U.S. trade war, many warehouse rack manufacturers in our industry have no way to survive. But during this period of time, due to the customer’s recognition of our quality and price advantage. No matter old customers or new customers, many of them are willing to cooperate with us. The tenet of our enterprise is “integrity”
In any case, we will do what we promise our customers. If we can’t make the terms, we won’t agree with our customers. That’s why our company will be trusted by so many South American countries and continue to cooperate with us and introduce customers to us. Our low production cost, fast speed and good quality have become the basis for the development of our enterprise. It is also the basis for our continued downward expansion.
If you have any questions about the racking system, or you have better knowledge and information about the shelf, you can also communicate with us.We are looking forward to your inquiry.
My E-mail is: [email protected]