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» Application Of Wire Container Storage Cage

With the development of economy, the industrialized economy is developing vigorously. However, in the construction of various industrial warehouse, logistics transfer and storage, storage cage is an indispensable shipping and storage equipment.Wire container cage is a storage container widely used in manufacturing enterprises and large warehousing supermarkets. It is widely used in the temporary storage, transportation, classification and storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Wire container cage is also a special packaging form, which has the similar function with pallet. But its steel material, mesh, three-dimensional structure and other characteristics determine that the storage cage can be used not only as a three-dimensional loading and unloading, storage and transportation tool, but also as a turnover box for crops, as well as as as as a sales tool. The function of butterfly cage has penetrated into the fields of production, circulation and consumption. It has gone through such links as temporary storage, packaging, handling, storage and transportation, and runs through the whole process of logistics.Wire container storage cage can also be used on pallet racking system.