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» Application of Drive in pallet racking

Drive in pallet racking is also called drive through racking, fully plugged assembly structure, column piece is assembly structure, and bracket is one-time stamping cross bracket, which has high strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, and bolt connection or plug connection structure between top beam and column piece. This system has dense shelf arrangement and high space utilization rate, almost twice as much as pallet shelf, but the goods must be of the same type with a few varieties and large quantities, and the goods must be first-in-first-out.(fifo pallet racking )In the selection of such systems, the first step is to carry out the assembly unit work, determine the size, load and stack height of pallets, and then determine the span, depth and spacing of the unit shelf, and determine the height of the shelf according to the effective height of the lower edge of the roof truss. In order to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift truck access, the total depth of the shelf in the wall area should be controlled within 6 pallet depths, and the total depth of the shelf area in the middle area should be controlled within 12 pallet depths. In this kind of shelf system, the forklift truck is a continuous operation mode of “lifting and hitting” and the forklift truck is easy to sway. In order to enhance the stability of the whole shelf system, besides the larger size and type selection, horizontal and vertical tensioning devices should be installed. Single pallet cargo should not be too large or overweight. Usually the weight should be controlled within 1500 kg, and the pallet span should not be greater than 1.5 m. Goods can be stored and taken out from the same side or from one side to the other. They are mostly used in dairy, beverage and other food and cold chain industries. They can be divided into room temperature storage and refrigeration storage. Forklift trucks are usually equipped with forward-moving battery forklift trucks or balanced heavy battery forklift trucks.